31st International Academic Conference, London

Call for papers

You are invited to present your research work under one of the following conference tracks:

  • Business and Economics
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Teaching and Education
  • Health and Welfare
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Law in Society
  • Energy Resources and Policy
  • Technology and Science

Proceedings of the conference are indexed in:

  • RePEc
  • Google Scholar
  • Research Bible
  • Research Gate

Please submit your abstract via registration form. The abstract should not exceed 400 words. Within one week from receiving your abstract we will let you know if your proposal is accepted.

Decide the form of your presentation: you can present your work during the conference either as a regular presentation in one of our panels or in a poster session. You can also present your paper in an E-session. We welcome also researchers willing to organize their own panels or workshops.

Regular Presentation: You will have up to 15-20 minutes time for your presentation. It is recommended to speak no longer than 15 minutes and let at least 5 minutes for discussion. Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive. Each presentation room will be equipped with a laptop and a screen for PowerPoint presentations. The laptop will be set up for PowerPoint presentations. Transparency projectors are not provided. Assume there may not be internet access.

Poster Session: Poster session enables to present your research work on a banner space and discuss with those who will show interest. One or more authors should sit or stand near their poster during the poster session, which takes usually approx. one hour. It is recommended to have several hard copies of your work to hand it over to those who will show interest. We would like to point out, the poster sizes should be max. 1,6 meter vertically and 0,8 m. horizontally.

E-Session (virtual presentation): If you want to present your paper without attending the conference, you can use an E-session. Your work will be presented electronically using Microsoft PowerPoint with narration (voice-over). If you need an advice or more instructions on how to prepare your presentation, please feel free to contact us via our E-mail. You can upload your E-session presentation in your registration form. Edit link to the registration will be sent after its approval.

Panel: A panel session may be organized by a group of four or more people who give their regular presentations on a given subject. Please fill all the information in your registration form.

Workshop: A group of participants may organize a workshop also in a different language than English. If you want to organize a workshop, please give us its title, the names of participants and outline briefly the aims of the workshop in your submission form.

Please be aware of the deadlines of submission and registration.

If you would like to publish your paper in one of our journals, please upload it in the journal submission form. Papers published in our journals are double-blind, peer-reviewed.

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