31st International Academic Conference, London

Keynote speaker

Dr. Jack Strauss
University of Denver, United States

Current: Miller Chair of Applied Economics, Reiman School of Finance, Daniels School of Business, University of Denver

Consultant for Bank Indonesia. "Forecasting Inflation & other Macroeconomic Variables in Indonesia: Handling Structural Change and Instability with Combination Forecast Methods." July 2017

Beijing Jiaotong University, Managerial Economics. January 2016, December 2016 and scheduled Fall 2017

Economic Consultant. 2000-2017. Various Projects include Economic Impact Analysis of Alcohol Liberalization Laws in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas, Marijuana, Minimum Wage, Immigration, St. Louis Water, MSD, Financial Crisis on St. Louis Real Estate, Ameren, Boeing and Economic Damages. His economic impact work and analysis has been cited hundreds of times by the media, including TV, radio and print. He has been on NPR, Voice of America and local Fox News, NBC and CBS stations.  In print, he has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, National Journal, Yahoo Finance, US Chamber of Commerce, Denver Post, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Dow Jones News, Nasdaq.com, USA today and Newsweek Magazine.

Jack Strauss will deliver a keynote speech titled: "Do High Speed Railways Lead to Urban Economic Growth in China?"

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