Professor Robert Holman

Director of the International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IISES)
Professor of Economics at University of Economics, Prague
Head of Department of Economics, University of Economics, Prague


MA in Economics: University of Economics, Prague, 1973-1978
PhD in Economics: University of Economics, Prague, 1984-1989


1984 – 1989            Lecturer, University of Economics, Prague
1989 – 1997            Associated Professor, University of Economics, Prague
1997                        Appointed Professor in Economics
1997 – present        Professor, University of Economics, Prague
1992 – 1997            Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
2005 – 2011            Member of Board of the Czech National Bank responsible for financial stability
2011 – 2013            Economic Advisor to the President of the Czech Republic
2011 – present        Head of the Department of Economics, University of Economics, Prague
2012 – present        Executive Director of the IISES


Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, History of Economic Thought


1995 – 1997             Committee of the Czech Economic Association
2007 – 2010             Economic Policy Committee of the OECD
1995 – 2013             Academic Board of the Liberal Institute, Prague
2003 – present         Academic Board of the University of Economics, Prague


2006                         Karel Engliš Prize, Masaryk University, Brno


11 books, including 4 textbooks
27 articles in journals indexed in Web of Knowledge.

Selected publications


Economic Reform in Motion, TOP Agency Praha, 1992.

Transformation of the Czech Economy, CEP Praha, 2000.

History of Economic Thought, C. H. Beck Praha, 2001.

R. Holman, D. Pospíchalová: Economic Games, C. H. Beck, Praha, 2001.

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Personal Accounts in Medical and Pension Insurance, CEP Praha, 2002.

Macroeconomics, C. H. Beck Praha, 2004.

Economics, C. H. Beck Praha, 2005.


Contribution of Joan Robinson to the Theory of Distribution, Politická ekonomie 5., 1990.

R. Holman, J. Schwarz, M. Ševčík: Transformation of a Post-Communist Economy : Czechoslovakian Example, Columbia Journal of World Business, Vol.XXV, No.4., 1990.

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Balance of Payments Theory – Keynesian and Monetarist Approach, Acta Oeconomica Pragensia 1., 1991.

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Some Controversies in the Modern Theory of Capital, Politická ekonomie 3., 1993.

Real Exchange Rate, Law of One Price and Purchasing Power Parity Theory), Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (Finance a úvěr) 1., 1993.

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„The Long Way“ – A Great Illusion , Prague Economic Papers  3, 1997.

Political Economy of David Ricardo, Politická ekonomie  1 a 2, 1998.

Economics of Health – Personal Medical Accounts, Národohospodářský obzor 0/2001.

Economic Analysis of Law, Politická ekonomie 4, 2004.

Bernard de Mandeville, Adam Smith and Respectful Rascals of our Times, Politická ekonomie 5, 2004.


161 in Web of Science
  94 in SCOPUS

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