Conducting changes in an organization under conditions of considerable shortage of qualified personnel

Sokolovskiy, A., Melitonyan, O., & Podsypanina, T.

The topic of organizational change became quite popular in recent publications of researchers and practitioners all over the world. This interest can be explained by growing market turbulence and highly dynamic development of technologies that dramatically change landscapes of particular industries. Companies that fail to change in accordance with those new trends, or cannot foresee those trends and change before they become real, are condemned to quick death. Most academic publications in this area are focused on the process and mechanisms of conducting changes in organizations, and in many cases they proceed from several simplifications related to availability of personnel of certain qualification and irreversible nature of particular changes. In this regard, many authors who try to simulate the process of organizational change under ideal conditions of the theory, reach a deadlock in practical situations when the process of implementing changes cannot even be started because it is not possible to recruit specialists of required qualifications and skills. In many cases because of the time pressure it is not even possible to provide existing specialists with additional training. Thus, it is easy to see that while simplifications cannot be implemented, and indeed these are 90% of cases of real businesses, the value of theoretical advancements in the field of practical organizational change is decreased. All this leads to the situation when theorists and practitioners exist in parallel worlds and are quite skeptical about each other’s activity. Authors of the paper for a number of years combine research and academic activity with practical managerial work on Russian plants. The paper examines particular specifics and conditions of conducting necessary changes in organizations which are “not equipped” with employees of needed qualification and there are limited opportunities to improve the situation because of the tight schedule of changes. Results of research conducted by authors will be essential, first of all, for small and medium businesses that function under considerable limitations of internal and external organizational resources.



APA citation

  • Sokolovskiy, A., Melitonyan, O., & Podsypanina, T. (2013). Conducting changes in an organization under conditions of considerable shortage of qualified personnel. International Journal of Business and Management, 1(1), 58–66.

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