14th Economics & Finance Conference, Prague

Keynote speaker

Dr. Gregory J. Kivenzor

Marketing Professor and Director of Experiential Learning Collaborative at the University of Connecticut, USA

Dr. Kivenzor is an educator, scholar, and businessman with global experience. He published over 30 papers, presented at the international conferences, chaired special sessions at World Marketing Congresses. He worked for multinational corporations, holding managerial and executive positions and combining leadership, technical, and marketing skills to develop new products and services. Fifteen of his innovative solutions were patented.

He developed an adaptable methodology energizing the adult learning process. He creatively applied various tools to engage professionals through gamification of the project-based learning environment. Among these tools are business simulations, role playing, and cross-cultural communications. Due to their interactive nature, business games energize participants, develop their problem-solving skills, and deepen knowledge of the subject matter.

Dr. Kivenzor will deliver a keynote speech titled: "Stimulating Positive Dynamics of Project Teams: Lessons Learned from Behavioral Economics"

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