Employee counselling and career development

Torun, A.

Research evidence has shown that employees are interested in and satisfied about workplace counselling support in relation to private-life and work-life problems. However, little is known about employees’ opinions concerning the guidance to be provided by workplace counsellors for their career development. Therefore, a study with a qualitative methodology was planned and in-depth interviews were implemented with a convenience sample of forty employees. The study highlighted that employee counselling was perceived as an alternative for determining career related decisions. Individual expectations for counsellor-supported improvement included recognizing strengths and weaknesses, setting growth-related goals, adopting new attitudinal and behavioural patterns, and participating in personal development activities. Also, an organizational facilitator role was attributed to the counsellor for improving organizational practices such as training and performance evaluation. Emphasis was put on the cooperation between workplace counsellors and human resource professionals for achieving a better coordination of efforts conducted to facilitate career development.



APA citation

  • Torun, A. (2013). Employee counselling and career development. International Journal of Business and Management, 1(1), 18–36.

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