Life organization of men

Németh, P., & Jakopánecz, E.

In this article our aim is to present the activities of Hungarian men’s every days by using the Hungarian Central Statistical Office’s Time Use Studies. One of the main objectives of this paper is to show the difference in Hungarian men’s time using compared to women. We pay attention on activities which are related to shopping, lifestyle and work as well. Another objective is to compare the results of the time use studies from 1986/1987, 1999/2000 and 2009/2010. It is important to see the differences between these three examinations thus it allows us to see the changes in the structure of activities which – perhaps partly – were the result of the worldwide economic crisis. We also examine the differences in the time use of men from different European countries. Among the analysed activities we pay special attention on full-time work, household and housework, shopping, childcare, sleeping, personal hygiene, social and family activities, relations. After we find the main issues of the changes in men’s life organization we present studies and articles which are connected and are parallels to these changes. These studies are about new phenomena in men’s life such as the loss of job, less entertainment outside of home, the greater presence in the housework and family care and the appreciation of emotional relationships (e.g. relationship with the family and children).



APA citation

  • Németh, P., & Jakopánecz, E. (2014). Life organization of men. International Journal of Business and Management, II(1), 29–58.

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