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The leading companies in the various sectors of the global economic world are characterized by a greater innovative capacity and therefore numerous researches are aimed at highlighting the peculiar characteristics which determine it. In this paper, to study these characteristics, I analyze the 27 most innovative companies in Italy in 2017 and their trends in the following 2 years. I compare each of these companies with their target market, using public data from their financial statements and reports. The 27 analyzed companies, which differ in both size and historicity, come from 20 different sectors. Indeed, they include both start-ups and leading companies in the history of Italian industry, both small and multinational companies. Precisely because of their wide and relevant diversity, through the analysis of their economic trend with advanced statistical methods or possibly modified ad hoc methodologies, I can study how the effects of innovation are influenced by the age of the company, the size and the sector. On 9 of these companies, I also focus on the analysis of their reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, statistically analyzing their reports and their financial statements of 2020, to detect with which policies the leading companies have faced and opposed it. I observe, just as innovation is really crucial for the prosperity and future of a company in any context and situation in which it may find itself, even globally.

Keywords: Covid-19, innovation, panel data

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