13th Economics & Finance Virtual Conference, Prague




This paper investigates the flair for business, hard work, big ideas, disruptive innovation, the intangible characteristics of an entrepreneur that determines the success of the business, by bringing in small and medium enterprises, a set of modern tools to raise the level of entrepreneurial approaches - from capitalizing on know-how and research in partnership with the business environment, to strengthen transdisciplinary entrepreneurial approaches. Among the many qualities that help him cope with the challenges involved in developing a company, there are three essential things that every entrepreneur must possess: courage, innovation and resistance to stress. Innovations need entrepreneurs, but the reciprocal is also valid for a successful business, it is necessary to satisfy a need that has not been satisfied so far, to offer a lower price, an innovation process is necessary. Without the element of novelty, an entrepreneur is weak in the business world. That is why I say that innovation and entrepreneurship are two indestructibly linked fields. Promoting entrepreneurial approaches can start to generate positive results if the vision of young entrepreneurs, the development of skills related to entrepreneurship and innovation are correlated.

Keywords: disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, novelty, entrepreneurial approaches.

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