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Government organizations have been developing a range of initiatives that are designed to secure international supply chains from threats focus on the concept of Accredited Operators. The purpose of the research is to review the initiatives of World Customs Organization, as SAFE Framework and the Accredited Operator concept, which is being supported by a number of regulatory agencies in the form of Authorized Economic Operator, which have emerged as a result of international initiatives relating to supply chain security. SAFE Framework is an instrument heralding the beginning of a new approach to the management of goods moving across borders and presents the criterion by which businesses in the supply chain can obtain authorized status as a security partner. Such criteria address issues such as threat assessment, a security plan adapted to the assessed threats and procedural measures to prevent irregular goods entering the international supply chain. This paper presents the current state of supply chain security management initiatives in the European Union and discusses their managerial implications, including the importance of interplay between various parties to support the fluent and secure flow of goods in the global economy.

Keywords: Supply chain, security of international flows, supply chain security standards, Authorized Economic Operator, customs logistic

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