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Due to the fact that the youth represents the future, any society has the obligation to invest in their education, following the sustainable development, depending on the needs of the whole community. Currently, the role of education is a priority in order to promote entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors. The spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship must be regarded as a competence of great importance that must be learned and developed throughout life. Thus, in order to develop such skills among young people and not only, the vast majority of European states invest in programs dedicated to entrepreneurial education, allocating national, but also European funds, in order to acquire knowledge from young people, the competences and attitudes necessary for problem solving, the development of ethical-professional behaviors, the ability to adapt to changes and succeed in the professional plan. Skills such as creativity, innovation, initiative will help young people to develop their proactivity, autonomy, thinking, flexibility, ability to manage a project and will also develop a desire to achieve positive results in the activities that they will undertake it. Acknowledgement: This paper was co-financed from the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020, project number POCU / 380/6/13/125245 no. 36482 / 23.05.2019 "Excellence in interdisciplinary PhD and post-PhD research, career alternatives through entrepreneurial initiative (EXCIA)", coordinator The Bucharest University of Economic Studies”.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial education, young people, sustainable development, innovation, entrepreneurial skills.

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