Proceedings of the 13th International Academic Conference, Antibes




In modern educational space an important topic for studies are the factors that influence on the education, and specifically observing what does exactly influence on the academic achievement of student and his/her level of education. Accordingly, the purpose of our research was to find out what influence do the two important forces- family and government have on student’s academic achievement. Therefore our research was planned to have two stages. In study 1, we examined whether parental-psychological and financial involvement has an effect on student’s academic achievement. Specifically, we examine whether this involvement varies on different educational level and what are the primary priorities of parental investment and support. The survey has been carried out in the families where children, pupils of the final stage of high school or students live. The research method was a structural interview and it included the following general blocks: Demographic data of the family, period of Preschool education, Primary education, Basic education and Secondary education, Forms of parental involvement, Evaluation of academic and educational success of a student. In study 2, we tested what predictive value does the financial support, made by the government, has for the development of new generation. Specifically we tried to find out the relationship between the percentage of GDP of particular country that is issued for funding the general education and the general educational level of the country. In order to ascertain the common educational level of the countries, we have used the results of the international researches, such as PISA, TIMSS and PEARLS. Accordingly, the analysis of the finances, spent on secondary education by developed and developing countries, and the role of mentioned capital in determination of secondary education, were carried out within a research. The study revealed that Family involvement in the education of the child is playing very important role in his/her academic achievement. Specifically basic investment in the education of a child made by parents is expressed by the proposal of additional educational services and Additional educational service is changeable according to the stages of education; there is significant influence of parental Child rearing patterns on student’s achievement. Parental involvement types and strategies have a significant relationship with student’s academic success. Finances issued by government have the predictive value for the education level of the country. The study results have implication for professionals working in educational field.

Keywords: Academic achievement, Educational Finance, GDP, Parental involvement.

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