Proceedings of the 13th International Academic Conference, Antibes




This is a quantitative research. It aims to examine public and police officers’ views towards Thailand’s Border Patrol Police in three main areas as follows: 1) public satisfaction towards border patrol police’s services and practices, 2) public trust towards border patrol police’s image, 3) the confidence of police officers in general towards border patrol police’s image. This research explored satisfaction level of local people living in 2,470 target villages, the confidence level of public and police officer in general towards border patrol police. Data were collected through border patrol police working at local areas. The research outcomes could be concluded as follows: 1) Civilian participants were satisfied with service provision system, serious crime prevention strategies and border patrol tactics respectively. 2) The level of public satisfaction towards border patrol police’s image was rather high. More specifically, the participants were confident with border patrol police’s responsibility and good governance. According to the participants’ background, it was clearly explicated that the participants with higher educational level were more confident than those with lower educational level. Regarding the participants’ career, those, who were government officials, were more confident when compared to other careers. In regard to partakers’ incomes, those who earned in the range 25,001 to 50,000 baht (around $834 to $1,667) had confidence level higher than those who had income beyond this range. 3) Related to the police officers’ opinions towards border patrol police, they were similar to civilian participants’ views. In other words, the police officers who participated in this survey were very satisfied with border patrol police’s activities and manners. It could be concluded that public and police officers’ views towards Thailand’s Border Patrol Police were positive.

Keywords: Royal Thai Police; border patrol police; public satisfaction; good governance; public trust

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