Proceedings of the 16th International Academic Conference, Amsterdam




Due to the peculiarities of the natural resources of Georgia the main priority of the agriculture is the development of bio production. Production of bio products is alternative, modern system of agricultural products production, which has steadily increasing economic potential. Current research shows that the rapid increase in production of bio products could be a good alternative for agricultural development of Georgia, but the growth rate of bio production is quite low than expected. The present paper examines the situation of bio production in agricultural sector of Georgia. The main aim of the research was to evaluate the role of bio-production in sustainable development of agriculture of Georgia and to work out some recommendations for further development. According to our goal, these problems were: 1. Evaluation of consumers interest and approach to bio-products; 2. Evaluation of Georgian producer’s interest in bio-market; 3. To identify the reasons of underdevelopment of bio-products market in Georgia. 4. Improve implementation of sustainable agriculture policy. Our research showed that despite consumers readiness to purchase bio-products, the segment of the Georgian market is developing more slowly than in other countries. The research show that for producers the most influential are the economic factors and the least influential are the social factors. The agricultural politics of Government played a significant role in development of the market. The most important directions include: Promotion of Georgian bio-products, supporting the bio sector of agriculture and developing the local and export bio markets. The systematic approach to the problems will help to develop the bio-farms: Qualification: The farmers need to have enough knowledge about the bio-farming, bio-products and the perspectives of the bio-production, also how to transfer from the traditional to the bio farming. Support: The farmers could transfer from traditional to the bio farming easily with financial and informational support. Certification: Bio producer should have the guarantees that after all required procedures they would not have any problems with certification. Sales: The farmer needs a serious support in organizing the problems of export and entering the international markets, they could not do it alone. Bio-production - quality oriented, sustainable, and rapidly growing and perspective production could become the main priority for Georgian agriculture. In this regard, bio-products may be considered as a direction of developing sustainable agriculture.

Keywords: bio production, sustainable development, agriculture, agriculture policy, bio products market

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2015.016.054

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