Proceedings of the 19th International Academic Conference, Florence




Cognitive business philosophy related to the information analysis, marketing research, consumer needs assessment, etc. becomes the key tendency of the organizations’ successful development. Among other industries e-commerce business considers digital marketing strategies as must-have for day-to-day activity as well as for the sustainable innovation growth. This paper describes main results of consulting project which includes a research connected with the company’s strategic focus development on the basis of digital marketing. The key idea is to prove the necessity of digital marketing development as an integral part of the organization’s general strategic planning. A hypothesis was formulated as follows: if a company considers the digital marketing strategically it creates an effective system to manage both internal and external factors of business environment. The practical goal of the project was to create the digital marketing strategy for e-commerce in order to develop its general strategic focus. As an object of research the e-company YYRRAA Ltd. is described. This is a new production-friendly small-scale organization which deals with different tools and solutions to simplify the wholesale trading and enable B2B-sector entrepreneurs to expand commercial opportunities. The main result of this project consists in the development of digital marketing strategy on the basis of SOSTAC model and the presentation of action plans for each step to ensure that the tactics is executed to the highest possible standards. The logics behind this project can be described in the following way. First, models, levels and approaches to strategic planning were clarified. It was necessary to examine factors of business environment which are the most influential to shape modern strategies of market players in e-business spheres. Second, the steps of strategic marketing plan were considered along with the frameworks of digital strategic planning and its tools. Third, the company’s current business strategy was analyzed in order to provide recommendations concerning the improvement of overall planning system on the basis of digital marketing strategy. As a conceptual and information background the publications of such authors as J.M. Bryson, F Martinelli, L.T. Hosmer and others as well as internal and external OORRAA.COM resources (that do not include NDA materials) have been used. The aim of this paper is to discuss the most essential bottom line of the consulting project. So, the material is focused on specifics of e-business strategic plan, digital marketing planning model including marketing tools and techniques for e-marketplaces, and main points of marketing strategy development for OORRAA.COM company.

Keywords: Business environment, economic development, e-business, strategic focus, management decisions

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2015.019.038

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