Proceedings of the 19th International Academic Conference, Florence




Today, the amount of information that education should produce, review, archive, processing and sharing is large. So how to manage this information and evaluate this type of information to learn a subject is important. Combination of education, networking and web lead to new ways of organizing education system has been web-based learning Management System has. This method is able to surround any time and any place easily materials based on predefined options, access or participate in virtual classroom, so training organizations and commercial organizations, are using e-learning their students and employees. Many E-learning organizations use variety of indicators to assess the course and measures. Provide a model or method of assessment to be able to display online can be very useful, indicators of educational organizations is emphasized creativity in this research is to be paid. Business intelligence tools and dashboards to display performance indicators are used. In addition to this research study used indicators of organizational performance assessment, and provide a comprehensive model of balanced score card for virtual learning, the tools available as standard in virtual courses offered are studied and compared, and also placed a Sample training evaluation using existing tools as organizational dashboard is provided.

Keywords: Keywords:, E-learning, Learning Management System, Key Performance Indicator, Creativity.

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2015.019.047

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