Proceedings of the 19th International Academic Conference, Florence




In recent times museums – with their unique and special world, functioned as a kind of learning scene - play central roal in formal education. Museums open and change more and more with the aim to receive a wider scale of visitors. Discovering learning lays stress upon the active and information-searching self of children and students. Contemporary pedagogy puts the active learning with objects and interactivity into the centre of the learning process. Children are more sensitive to receive new knowledge in such an environment that gives the experience through direct, practical activity and training. Museumpedagogy is a tendency in pedagogy that helps even small kids to be sensitive to previous times by showing their collections based on acquiring knowldege and also with the help of infrastructural opportunities. In my lecture I would like to search and show some possibilities that are hidden in museumpedagogy and are capable to widen educational work. I am going to show all this through the museumpadagogical supply of Savaria City Museum. I am also going to reveal the connection-system within Szombathely, through which experience, knowledge and a special athmosphere gets to kids and families. Finally I am going to deal with museumandragogy as well. Basing museumandragogy on museumpedagogy is significant. My research focuses on the programmes of Savaria City Museum, on its relationship with the educational institutions of the city and on the museum’s efforts to form adults’ personality. The following institutions and people took part in the research: the teachers and pupils of Zrínyi Ilona Primary School, the educators of Aréna and Donászy Magda Kindergarden (questionarre) and the educators of the museum (interview). I draw up my statements about the possibilities of delivering knowledge not only in institutional frames by valuing their opinions and by taking my own experiences into consideration. One of my students helped me to prepare the research and agreed to publish it.

Keywords: education, life long learning, interpretation, interactivity, museumpedagogy, contemporary pedagogy

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2015.019.031

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