Proceedings of the 19th International Academic Conference, Florence




Step children are viewed pity for all cultures. Even foster parents are always evil in tales. In real life, the situation is not the same for all step children, but there is no doubt that this is a sensitive subject. The rule of law has brought protective provisions in favor of children because they are incapable. So that parents’ custody on children has been limited to various provisions against abuse. The striking one among these limiting provisions is a provision for interest and pay attention to spouses minors of the stepchildren (TCC. Art. 338). This is relatively new in terms of the provisions of Turkish law, not only leads to the emergence of a set of results but also for an advice. The beginning of these results, if step parents' behavior violates obligation of care and his own mother or father condone this, the custody of child's can be removed and even care obligating violation of a defective behavior for spouses' divorce. In our study, according to the Turkish Civil Law provisions in the general framework of the protection of children, in particular the step child protection and violation of care obligations to the step children the sanctions that may arise are evaluated.

Keywords: Step-child, Protection of Step-child, Stepchild at the Turkish Civil Law.

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2015.019.009

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