Proceedings of the 19th International Academic Conference, Florence




The International Criminal Court (ICC), was established with the enactment in 1 July 2002 which adopted in 17 July 1998 Rome Statue by votes of 120 countries. Nuremberg and Tokyo Far East International Military Criminal Courts which were established before and are suitable to Ad Hoc Courts, the International Criminal Courts which are established in 90's for Ruanda and Old Yugoslavia, according to the decision of the UN Charter established under Section 7 and they have been important steps in the process of establishing the International Criminal Court, by UN Security Council. Crimes falling within the court's jurisdiction; genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and assaults are crimes. As the main purpose of the rome statute as it noticed in foreword, find out by whom are the most serious crimes made against humanity, to investigate no matter where its made, to punish them, so it is play a deterrent role in the processing of new ones. Continuously independent organs of ICC’s courts are: the presidency, appeal division, trial division, department of pre-trial, prosecutor's office and the office of the registrar. In the ICC which is facing 15 trial at the same time, investigation of the 7 different countries are ongoing. Member countries Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Central African Republic are applied to ICC within its jurisdiction and with crimes occurring in their countries. The case related to Sudan and Libya, the United Nations Security Council has moved the Court. And Prosecution started investigation about Kenya and Ivory Coast by itself. When the attitude of the uUSA was big obstacle in front of court's effectiveness, the EU has been a great supporter. Turkey contains provisions that could create problems in terms of the Non-International conflicts and prolonged armed conflict. And in opinion of that high standards of International Law with improving quality of National Jurisdiction will provide much benefit than loss.

Keywords: The International Criminal Court, Rome Statue, UN Security Council

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2015.019.084

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