Proceedings of the 28th International Academic Conference, Tel Aviv




This session will provide the opportunity for reflection on individual and institutional feedback practices within the HE sector. The session allows participants to complete a live online self-assessment audit of their current feedback practices. The audit questions are based on Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick’s 7 principles (2006), and these are mapped to the stages of assessment (pre, during and post). These questions will consider the extent to which teachers are supporting students during the production of an assessment (Boud, 2000). Following the audit, the data regarding the trends of participants’ feedback strengths and weaknesses will be available to provide an opportunity for group discussion. This will facilitate the group in sharing examples of good feedback practice from the HE institutions represented. The Meetoo app will allow real-time impromptu questioning to gather further qualitative responses. Finally, participants will be asked to consider whether their assessment is ‘fit for purpose’ and suitably aligned to the learning outcomes (Biggs and Tang, 2007). Following the session, the individual audit will be available and linked with practical suggestions for the enhancement of practice from the HEA Feedback Toolkit (2013). This will provide opportunity for participants’ continued reflection and could benefit cross-programme discussions on feedback practices within institutions on their return. All data collected within this session will contribute to our ongoing research project, but will remain anonymous and confidential. Session Activities and Approximate Timings • Participants’ will take part in a live online self-assessment audit based on Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick’s (2006) 7 principles of good practice to encourage self-regulated learners. The Meetoo conference app will be utilised (10-14 mins). • Small group discussion reflecting on individual strengths and weaknesses of good feedback practice (10 mins). • Facilitated group discussions around the trends available from the live audit (20 mins) with opportunities for smaller focus group discussion on feedback practices within the different stages of curriculum delivery. • Complete session evaluation using the Meetoo conference app (1 mins). • Data related to individual’s strengths and weaknesses highlighted through the audit will be available to individual participants to enable the completion of an action plan on return to their institutions (Day 2). • With the permission of the participants, the audit data will contribute to our ongoing research on identifying opportunities for enhancing feedback to encourage self-regulated learning.

Keywords: feedback; reflection; self-regulated learning; evaluation; assessment

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2017.028.002

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