Proceedings of the 28th International Academic Conference, Tel Aviv




Today the terms sustainable development and sustainable innovation are often used. But what is meant by these terms, other than that they in some ways are connected to the terms “green” and “ecological”? Studying the literature on the topic leads to the conclusion that there is no precise or established definition of sustainable innovation, sustainability and sustainable development. A conclusion in the paper is that we now need to focus on how to develop new sustainable product innovations, and for these, product development is the most important element as the solutions will affect the environment during the whole Product Life Cycle of the products. Another conclusion is that Dynamic Product Development (DPD™) is a model that seems to satisfy the different definitions on sustainability that have been proposed. The result of a product development project is based on the product developer’s knowledge, experience, and ability. The leadership of an entrepreneur (or intrapreneur) is also important for the level of sustainability of an innovation that is achieved. Therefore, the product developers and entrepreneurs need to be educated in a broader perspective than is common in the technical field today. The product developers must also be monitored in the actual work situation to ensure that new products that are not sustainable are not being marketed. This, in turn, calls for a similar, broader perspective in management education.

Keywords: Innovation; innovation process; innovation project; sustainability; sustainable innovation.

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2017.028.015

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