Proceedings of the 34th International Academic Conference, Florence




It's a long time for Europe to treat immigration. In recent years, especially after the Libyan and Syrian crisis, the rate of legal and illegal immigrants to Europe has increased dramatically. Since then, the issue of immigration has become one of interest of public opinion. At the outset, the economic aspect, and then the security aspect of immigration had discussed and challenged many European governments that even showed up in national elections. The human rights and cultural challenges also make the crisis more complicated. The main question of this article is what aspects have the issue of immigration in Europe? The main hypothesis is that migration is an interdisciplinary phenomenon that should be considered in terms of economic, security, cultural, political and social aspects. In order to examine this hypothesis, following the study of phenomenon of immigration, different dimensions of immigration to Europe between 2013 and 2017, Contains: economic, security, cultural, political and social aspects are studied. And then the result of the discussion is written. The research method was descriptive-analytic.

Keywords: Immigration, Europe, Security, Economics, Multi-Disciplinary

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2017.034.029

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