Proceedings of the 40th International Academic Conference, Stockholm




This research aimed to study and design information technology project with Augmented Reality for learning and teaching. It was a case study. The sample group was 8 students who studied the special problem course and 20 users were used to evaluate the systems. The methods of data collection were questionnaires and information technology projects. The key performance indicators in this study included 8 information technology systems, usability of system, the accuracy and completeness of system. The instruments used in this study were: time to develop information system and evaluate users’ document. The data were analyzed by mean and standard deviation. The results of this research found that 6 information technology systems submitted in time and 2 information technology systems had been delayed for one month. For the system evaluation, it was found that the mean score of systems acceptance was 4.25 and the standard deviation was 0.15. The students and users expressed positive attitudes towards instruments of learning and information technology systems.

Keywords: Information Technology Project, AR, Augmented Reality Project

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2018.040.029

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