Proceedings of the 40th International Academic Conference, Stockholm




In recent years, some real estate developers in Thailand have established elderly condominiums. Previous studies found many important factors affecting elder’s living in senior residence, but this study aimed to investigate elderly opinions about the important factors that influence their living and the performance of senior condominium’s operation. This study collected data by having face-to-face interviews and conducting a questionnaire survey with 73 elders living in “Sawangkanives”, a senior condominium project operated by Thai Red Cross Society, a medical state agency. The questionnaires were processed and analyzed by performing exploratory factor analysis to extract influenced factors; and then generated the importance-performance analysis (IPA) grid to assess the elder’s living satisfaction in the elderly condominium. Four factors affecting elder’s living are Ambience of Surroundings (AS), Physical Attributes of Room and Common Area (PA), Quality of Staff’s Services (QS) and Social Stimulation (SS). The derived IPA grid showed no factors were in Low Priority quadrant. QS or quality services offered by staff factor was in Concentrate Here quadrant. PA factor and AS factor were in Keep Up the Good Work quadrant. SS factor was in Possible Overkill quadrant. The most worried issue with respect to the services was the rapidly helps that elderly can receive from staff or nurses staying in the condominium. The second issue needed to be addressed was the proper helps the elderly receive from staff or nurses staying in the condominium. The manager of this condominium should not pay any attention to create the activities in order to stimulate the social life or to make them lively. The factors which had high importance and high performance or which manager should maintain good standards were PA factor and AS factor, which implied that this condominium located in proper location, had proper layouts of room and hallway, and also suitable for elderly. In addition to physical attributes, this condominium provided suitability of lighting and entrances and all area in this condominium had good air ventilation for the elderly too.

Keywords: Residence, Elderly Condominium, Living Satisfaction, Importance-Performance Analysis, IPA

DOI: 10.20472/IAC.2018.040.048

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