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Journal Policies

Open Access Policy

The International Journal of Business and Management is freely available online. 

Our open access policy is aimed to facilitate exchange of knowledge. Authors are required to agree with this open access policy which enables unrestricted access and reuse of all published articles. The articles are published under the Creative Commons copyright license policy CC-BY. Users are allowed to copy and redistribute the material in printed or electronic format and build upon the material, without further permission or fees being required, provided that appropriate credit is given.

Publication Frequency

Since 2017 the International Journal of Business and Management has been published semiannually. Publishing months are May and November. 

Peer Review Process

Articles submitted for possible publication are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process.
Articles are first reviewed by editors. Submitted articles may be rejected without being sent out for review if the following requirements are not fully met:

  • Article is easy to read without complicated language. The language should be clear and grammatically correct.
  • Article fits with the aims and scope of the Journal, and it offers new knowledge and research findings.
  • Article should not have any unethical publishing or research practices.
  • Abstracts are easy to understand and provide an adequate summary of each article's contents.

Articles that are found suitable for review are then sent to two experts in the field of the paper. Referees of a paper are unknown to each other.Referees are asked to classify the paper as: publishable immediately, publishable with amendments and improvements, or not publishable. Referees’ evaluations usually include an explicit recommendation of what to do with the manuscript.Referees’ comments are seen by the author.
Each of the referees will return a peer-review reports of the article to the editor. The role of the referees is advisory.

The review process is usually completed within six months. Accepted articles are usually published within 10 months.

Review form


Submission fee is EUR 100 euro.  Submission fee is not refundable.  
No more publication fee will be applicable to accepted papers.

Copyright Policy

The IISES uses Creative Commons copyright license policy CC-BY. Copyrights remain with the authors. The authors give permissionto the IISES to publish their work and agree that users are allowed to copy and redistribute the work, transform, and build upon it.


As copyrights remain with the authors, they can decide about eventual re-publication of their article. In case of re-publication anappropriate reference of the original publication is requested.


By submitting the manuscript the authors declare that the text is their original work, does not contain any plagiarism and has not
been published in or submitted to any other journal.
The editor scans all submitted papers in order to detect plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, the paper is rejected from publication.

Retraction Policy

If errors are found that are so significant that the article cannot remain in the Journal, the article will be removed and replaced witha note stating the reason for the retraction.
If plagiarism is found, a whole article will be removed from the Journal and replaced with a note indicating authors´ names anddescription of plagiarism. Authors and their institutions will be notified.

Digital Preservation

The journal is digitally preserved by the National Library of the Czech Republic within its WebArchiv since 2014.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

For the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement please click here.

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