4th Arts & Humanities Conference, Stockholm




Multi Media Art, in a general concept, is referred to an art which is formed by combination of various media such as: digital, graphic, voice, images, videos, animation, and texts. Advance technologies of the present and last centuries create the possibility of combining disparate arts in which the specifications of post modern era are eminent. The point to take into consideration is that Multi Media Art has obvious differences with combining media art. Although kinds of arts such as film and opera include other arts, they are not considered Multi Media Arts. In various eras of art history, there are art works which are created by combination of some art media, which is usually referred to as Mixed Media Art. Multi Media art is not static and motionless rather it stretches in time interval and is in interaction with audience. In this article, Multi Media Art in late twenty and twenty one century is under study. After introducing the history and creators of this art, concepts such as monopolizing, lack of durability, spatial features, instability, accumulation, being discursive, connectionism are explained in postmodern Multi Media Art.

Keywords: Multi Media Arts, Mixed Media arts. Post modernism, technology Media

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