10th Teaching & Education Virtual Conference, Vienna




Assessment in higher education not only measure students’ progress but also contribute to their development through addressing their needs in accordance with necessary adjustments in assessment style and future lesson planning. Being different from the traditional type mechanical testing as a separate evaluation process, assessment in today’s education is rather seen as a formative tool which is integrated into teaching and learning process with continuous feedbacks, reflections from students. Therefore the study is carried out with 15 Bosnian and Turkish freshman and sophomore students in ELIT (English Language and Literature Teaching) department in International University of Sarajevo to receive more insight into the students’ reflection on written exams, oral exams, presentations, projects. As a result, students show the tendency to appreciate the oral exams and presentations more than written exams as they find the oral assessments more useful for their education and professional life in the future. Also findings indicate that written projects such as research papers shouldn’t be assigned in excessive amount as students regard the loaded paperwork distractive rather than useful and it doesn’t serve the purpose.

Keywords: higher education, student evaluation, testing, teaching and learning

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