8th Teaching & Education Conference, Vienna




English grammar is presented in formulas available for all levels of learners. It helps avoid long ( sometimes complicated) linguistic explanations. For instance, English tense forms are explained within a very short period of time based on logic, regardless of the peculiarities of any native language. They are presented only via 2 graps which can easily be adjusted to any language structure. Accordingly, all the other verb-based materials are also constructed on these graphs and formulas,which provide puzzles and suggest their solutions. This is what attracts learners the most. This approach makes learning process extremely easy and enjoyable. Learners actively participate and feel involved in explanatory and puzzle solution process,thus turning from passive listeners into active participants. The suggested research methodology also develops learners' imagination and creativity boosting their learning abilities. This grammar teaching method has been used for over 40 years and has proved to be extremely efficient for a great number of students with various starting point. It can also facilitate English teachers to provide their students with English grammar skills as quickly as possible,which which is extremely essential in today's world, which is developing at a great speed.

Keywords: Grammar in formulas User friendly tense forms Logical approach Easy translation skills

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