International Journal of Business & Management

International Journal of Business & Management, Vol. II, No. 4

Published in Prague

Date of publication:
November 20, 2014

Klára Čermáková, Táňa Kubátová

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Chaisatit, N., Martínez Hernández, V.R., Sosa Rodríguez, J.O., Silvestre Campos, M.A. 

Sustainability assessment system of natural resource management for tourism in the community of San Pedro Atlapulco, the State of Mexico, Mexico

Crisan, L. C.  

The stress test - A new challenge for the banking union

Kasnauskiene, G., Vebraite, L.

The Impact of Migration on Lithuanian Economy in an Ageing Society Context

Marcinkiewicz, E., Chybalski, F. How to measure and compare pension expenditures in cross-country analyses? Some methodological remarks 43-59
Shadrina, E.

Russia’s Gas Policy in Asia: The Driving Forces and the Nature of Institutional Changes

Souleh, S. The impact of Human Capital Management on the Innovativeness of research Center: The Case of Scientific Research Centers in Algeria 80-96
Thill, K., Covarrubias Venegas, B., Groblschegg, S.

HR roles and activities. Empirical results from the DACH region and implications for a future development of the HR profession


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