IISES International Academic Conference, Prague

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Vojtech Kotrba, Ph.D
Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic

Vojtech Kotrba is an Assistant Professor at the University of Economics and Business in Prague with focus on sports economics, applied microeconomics, behavioral economics, experimental economics and decision-making.

Dr. Kotrba will deliver a a keynote speech titled: "How ESG Influences Corporate Performance in the Digital Sector"


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Employment and affiliations

Prague University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Economics: Assistant professor (9/2020-present), Manager of Laboratory of Experimental Economics (10/2022-present)

Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Faculty of Social and Economic Studies: Assistant Professor (2/2020-present)

Thammasat Business School, Department of Finance: Researcher (5/2024-present)

University of New York in Prague, Department of Business Administration: Researcher (10/2022-present)

Generali Czech Insurance Company: Analytics Consulting (7/2020-12/2021), Senior Analyst of CRM (1/2020-06/2020)

Czech Insurance Company: Senior Analyst of CRM (6/2019-12/2019), Analyst of CRM (4/2017-5/2019), Junior Analyst of CRM (4/2015-3/2017)

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: Assistant - Independent Analysis and Strategy Department (11/2014 - 12/2014)

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