International Conference on Economics, Finance & Business, Paris

Keynote speakers

Professor Jérôme Creel, PhD
ESCP Business School, Paris, France

Jérôme Creel is an associate professor of economics at ESCP Business School and the Director of the Research Department at SciencesPo-OFCE. Holding a PhD in economics from University Paris-Dauphine, his recent works have studied European economic reforms and fiscal policies, the impact of ECB policies and the relationships between financial stability and economic performance. Jérôme Creel has published articles in leading journals including Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Oxford Economic Papers and Economic Modelling. He co-edited a Report on the State of the European Union, The Euro at 20 and the Futures of Europe, published at Palgrave MacMillan for the 20th anniversary of the Euro. He is the editor of L’économie européenne published by La Découverte every year since 2016. He is a member of the scientific committee of the French Economic Association and of Journées de l’économie. He participated in a number of projects funded by the European Commission, including FESSUD and POLHIA. Jérôme Creel participates on a regular basis as an expert for the European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, notably in the OFCE team for preparatory meetings of the Monetary Dialogue with the European Central Bank.

Professor Creel will deliver a keynote speech titled: "The Real Effects of EU Fiscal Policies: Benchmarking Next Generation EU"


Assistant Professor Klára Čermáková, PhD
Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic

Klára Čermáková is an Associate Professor at the University of Economics in Prague. Her professional experience range from academic field to expert working positions in central bank and corporate sector. Klára´s experience is further enriched by significant international exposure, including lecturing and research stints in Poland, Croatia, Italy, and participation in specialized programs in IMF and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Her research uses theoretical and empirical approaches to investigate micro and macroeconomic perspectives of financial and institutional economics, general market equilibrium and investment decisionmaking.
Klára contributed to a number of projects conduct and served at senior positions in international and domestic academic societies and institutes.

Assistant Professor Michal Mec
Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic

Michal Mec serves as Assistant at Prague University of Economics and Business with focus on usage of machine learning methods in economic topics mainly on financial market and population economics. He gained professional expertise at Goldman Sachs Asset Management and NN Investment Partners as senior quantitative analyst. Michal transformed his professional practical knowledge into academic field by contributing in multiple grant projects.

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